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At KidZone, we’re all about helping kids…

  • Get to know Jesus as their forever best friend, forgiver, and coach of their life
  • Fall in love with the local church so that when they grow up and head out on their own, they can’t wait to find a church, wherever life takes them
  • Realize that God’s Word is the coolest book ever written and is filled with all the answers they need to live the greatest life ever
  • Connect with other kids

First Time? Get a registration form here.  Just bring it with you when you come!

J.A.M. Session:

J.A.M. (Jesus And Me) Session is for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade who want to know:

  • how to become a Christ Follower
  • what a best friendship with Jesus looks like
  • how to get to heaven
  • what baptism is all about
  • and more!

J.A.M. Sessions are a prerequisite for a child baptisms and each child must be accompanied by an adult. For information or a reservation, contact Liz Oraham, Director of Family Ministry, at
(864) 888-8008 or